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Book A Day Challenge Day #21 - To be read

21. To be read.....Dream School by Blake Nelson

Where to start? I was very tempted to take a picture of my bookshelf for this! I'll choose Dream School by Blake Nelson because it is the one I am most curious about. I read the book 'Girl' as a teenager and loved it, mainly because Andrea Marr was everything I wasn't, although not necessarily who I wanted to be. The thing that lasts with me about the book is the sense that I knew her, as a whole and complete character, the good and the bad. Finding out this month that there is a sequel put it firmly on my to-read list although I am approaching it with a certain amount of trepidation. Will reading about her now I am an adult change how I feel about her? The book is about her student days at an elite university and from the sound of it she is as much searching for her identity as she ever was.

Also on the list are....
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer
Prince Lestat by Anne Rice
Wild by Cheryl Strayed


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This book, THIS BOOK! This book was all over Instagram with it's beautiful cover and rave reviews so out of curiosity I added it to my library request list and I am not in any way sorry for it.
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Book A Day Challenge Day #8 - It's a mystery!

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